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About North Branch

In 1854 the earliest settling of North Branch was undertaken.  The founding fathers were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beach and Mr. and Mrs. Geroge Simmons.  The nucleus of the village was the post office, store and trading post founded by John and Richard Beach.  So much a center was this, that the settlement was actually called Beachville (sometimes spelled Beechville) for a short time. 

Noteworthy facts of the early years include the assesed valuation of North Branch in 1856 to be $62,000.  The first annual town meeting was held at the home of Richard Beach with a total of twenty-six votes polled.

Two major fires mark the history of North Branch.  In 1871 and particularly in 1881, fire destroyed many parts of the town.  These fires were a contributing factor in the change from Jefferson Street to Huron Street as the main thoroughfare. 

 The Village was incorporated in 1881.  The population was 900.  The town of North Branch is known as township 9 north of range 11 east and sits on the north branch of the Flint River which flows through the township and is the principal stream.