Meet the Treasurer


Beth Sohn was appointed as the Deputy Village Treasurer in September 2020 and the Treasurer in March 2021.

If you have questions concerning your Village Taxes, contact her on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 810.688.2620 or email her at 

The Village of North Branch collects one tax per year. This is the Village operating tax, and that bill is mailed on July 1st each year. Village taxes are payable July 1 through September 14 without penalty.

If taxes are not paid by September 14th, they are turned over to the Lapeer County Treasurer as delinquent and must be paid to the County with additional penalties and interest.

Village residents also receive a summer and winter tax bill from North Branch Township. Those bills consist of township, county and school taxes. For questions regarding those taxes, please call North Branch Township at (810) 688.2785

If you have a name change, correction or a bank change, please notify North Branch Township at (810) 688.2785.


2020 Village Millage Rates

2021 Village Millage Rates                                   2022 Village Millage Rates

General Fund 10.23000

General Fund 10.21050                                               General Fund 10.15230

Municipal St 4.09170

Municipal St 4.08390                                                 Municipal St      4.06060

Total 14.3217

Total 14.29440                                                        Total 14.21290