Meet our Zoning and Building/Inspector official:

Edward Koch

Plumbing & Mechanical Official:

Mark Booth

Electrical Officials:

Mark Griessel

Rental Inspector/Zoning Administrator:

Joe Israel

Permits for addressing, zoning, right-of-way and construction, including trades can be obtained from North Branch Township during the following hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm. 810.688.3031.  WWW.NORTHBRANCHTWP.COM

The township offices are located at 6771 Elm Street, North Branch Michigan 48461

Any work performed in the Street Right-of-Way must be okayed by the Village. 

Contact the Village at 810.688.2620.
Enforcements- Building Department-Enforcement Officer/Zoning Administrator
Initial Preparation for Enforcement Letter     $30.00
First Letters part of Monthly Salary (review & template letter)
Follow up Inspection                                             $75.00  (Personal Contact w/Homeowner)
Ticket & Court Prep                                                 $100.00
Court Appearance                                                   $185.00
Reviews on Zoning Appeals/Marihuana            $50.00
Meetings                                                                     $50.00
Rental Inspections-Village        (Ed Koch)           $50.00 per inspection   (40.00 to Inspector   10.00 Village)